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fic (n.)

OTP (n.)
One True Pairing (favorite couple)

OT3 (n.)
One True Threesome (favorite 3some)

ship (v.)
to endorse a romantic relationship

slash (adj.)
used in fanfiction to denote homosexual pairings

canon (n., adj.)
official, approved by the creators

fap (v.)
to masturbate

crack (adj.)
random, bizarre, far-fetched

RP, RPS (n., adj.)
real people, real people ship

AU (n., adj.)
alternate universe

weeaboo (n., adj.)
a western person obsessed with Japanese culture, used as an insult

yaoi (adj.)
male/male slash, also known as BL (Boys' Love)

yuri (adj.)
female/female slash, also known as GL (Girls' Love)